Affordable DIY Christmas Gifts : Photo Transfer to Wood
Transfer photo to wood. In this tutorial, I walk you through the steps to transfer your favorite photos to a wood surface, making a beautiful gift for Christmas.
What You'll Need:
  • Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium
  • Wood cube or Wood Surface to transfer photo
  • Sponge brush to spread Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium
  • Photocopy of a photo from a dry toner type copier/laser printer
  1. Find whatever piece of wood you want to transfer your image to: cube, plague, or whatever. You won't need to sand the surface to prepare it.
  2. Photo copy a photo with a laser printer. Most home office printers are ink jet printers, NOT laser printers. I went down to our local Staples and had them print a color copy of my image. As long as it is a laser photocopy, it will work. You will need this photocopy, as actual photos will not turn out. (If you need your image to turn out exactly like the photo, ask them to do a mirrored copy. Otherwise, if there is any print on the image, it'll come out reversed in the photocopy.)
  3. Paint a layer of Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium on the FRONT of your photocopied image. You can use a squeegee, but you want a medium thick layer, spread evenly.
  4. Paint a layer of Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium on the surface you want to transfer the image to.
  5. Lay the image FACE Down on surface you want to transfer the image to.
  6. Using a credit card or something similar, gently smooth out the image onto the surface. Make sure to get out any bubbles or globs underneath. Wipe the excess from the edges.
  7. Wait at least 4 hours, until it is completely dry.
  8. Using a damp cloth, rub the paper off of the wood surface. The paper should begin to peel off and your image should begin to emerge.
  9. Let the surface dry and repeat step 8, until all the paper is removed from the surface.
  10. Add a layer of Polyurethane, clear coat, or layer of Mod Podge to set the image.
Recipe by Laura Lohr at