Affordable DIY Christmas Gift : Photo Cube
Make a beautiful homemade photo gift, grandparents are sure to love! These photocubes can be made for less than $20 for 4.
What You'll Need:
  • Wood Cube or an 8 foot 4x4 post, cut into 4 inch cubes. (You could opt for 6 inch, if you have portrait images, or if you want taller cubes.)
  • Mod Podge Gloss or Matte---Your choice! I chose Gloss, but it's a matter of preference
  • Paint brushes---I used 2 inch brushes. I bought them in a package for $1 at the Dollar Tree
  • 5 4x6 Photos that can be cut down to fit the cube
  1. Get a cube. I bought an 8 foot 4x4 post at Home Depot. I asked them to cut it into 4 inches cubes. I've seen the cubes at Hobby Lobby, but they are about $5 a piece and I bought one post that made several cubes for about $10.
  2. Sand the surface. Once I had my cubes cut, hubby sanded the rough sides and edges so they looked nice. Basically, I prepped it to paint.
  3. Paint the finished edges. I used a brown, rustic looking paint. I used Rust-oleum's all surfaces paint, but you could use any color or brand. I chose paint over stain, just because I'm lazy and didn't want to sand and re-stain for the right finish. Painting worked well-enough, but if you're feeling frisky, knock yourself out with stain.
  4. Apply a second coat of paint. Reapply a second or third coat of paint for an even finish.
  5. Cut the photos to the size you want for the cube. I used photos that would fit nicely on the cube and would fit across the width of the cube.
  6. Paint with Mod Podge. After the paint has dried completely, use Mod Podge and paint the entire back of the photo. Paint a nice layer of Mod Podge onto the side of the cube you're working with.
  7. Rinse, repeat. (Just kidding about the rinse.) Once the first photo has dried, repeat the steps in number 6 until all sides are done. Make sure to let each side dry completely before laying it face down.
  8. Rinse, repeat. When all sides are dried, apply another coat of Mod Podge to fully secure your images down.
Recipe by Laura Lohr at