Fitness Friday SuperBowl Edition

by Laura Lohr on February 5, 2016

FitnessFridayHappy Fitness Friday! I’m so happy to be here this week! It was a fantastic week! I have so much to look forward to this weekend and next week!


Sunset Cliffs, where Mr. Bear and I got married.

First of all, we are traveling to Monterrey today to visit my mother in law and my husband’s uncle. His uncle is giving us TWO SUPERBOWL TICKETS! How lucky are we? I’m so excited! I gave up my seat for my ten year old daughter. She is a loyal Broncos fan and I know this is the chance of a lifetime for her. So, her and Daddy are going to have a NFL experience most people don’t get in their lifetimes! I’m sad I’m going to miss it, yet I know how much it will mean to my husband and daughter to spend this special day together. What an experience!

Because it’s Superbowl and because I just completed my first program with Lindora, I’m going to take this opportunity to enjoy myself while we’re traveling. I may splurge on some football goodness while we are away. I mean, for me, my favorite part of Superbowl really is the food! Hahaha! Excuse me, while I enjoy a thing or two. Then, come Monday, it’s back to program for another 10 weeks! I’m so delighted that I’ve got another program to start!

My goal on this next 10 week program is 35 pounds. I’d love to see another 35 pounds gone! That would take me so close to my goal. I’m going to stick very close to the rules this time around, just like I did last time. This last time, I lost 32.5 pounds, when I was at my lowest during the 10 weeks. I’m confident, however much weight I lose, I’ll be happy! This has been such a rewarding experience!

I went to the spot Mr. Bear and I got married yesterday. I was just thinking about how beautiful and confident I felt walking down the aisle, down to the ocean, at Sunset Cliffs. I want to feel that same confidence again!


Sunset Cliffs, San Diego. Where I married my best friend!

This past week, I’ve seen myself grow so much as a runner. I’m not just running faster, I’m running longer distances without stopping. The La Jolla Half Marathon is a hilly race. There’s one hill, specifically, at mile 6 that really is steep! The race really is infamous for that one steep hill that makes even the most fit of runners question their sanity! The elevation goes from sea level to 440 feet in the matter of two miles. Then, at the end, there’s another small hill before you finish the race. The great thing about the race, is that the course is absolutely stunning! The steep incline winds between the Torrey Pine trees and much of the course yaws along one of the most scenic areas along the Pacific Ocean.


I’ve run through this area before and it’s a favorite for its majestic beauty. The La Jolla Half is the only race I’ve ever received a Do Not Finish for. It was approximately 4 years ago and I only got about 4 miles in before injury, anxiety, and lack of training took me out of the race. It’s a huge milestone to be tackling this race again. I’m really excited about slaying this dragon of mine.

My friend Mollie and I have been running with my dog Layla at 5:30 a.m. during the week, whenever we can. We are tackling the hills that envelop our neighborhood. I’ll admit, it’s quite intimidating when I think about the hills we’re going to run, so I don’t think about them much! I put my headphones on, try to control my breathing and then I try to keep up with Mollie! She’s a lot faster than me and sometimes I feel like I’m holding her back. Nonetheless, like a great friend, she nevers makes me feel that way. She encourages me and cheers me on. In spite of the daunting paths that lie ahead of us, I feel inspired. It’s giving me a lot of confidence I haven’t had in a long time!

Tomorrow, I’m going to run in Monterrey and get 7 miles in. I can’t believe I’m already up to 7 miles for this training schedule! Amazing! I’m sticking to my goals and making real changes!

My dear readers, have you stuck to your New Year’s Resolutions? Have you made a change you’re proud of? Share what you’re proud of! 

Happy running! Have a safe Super Bowl weekend! 


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