Disney Tomorrowland

by Laura Lohr on June 15, 2015

tomorrowland5536a4061130cDisney Tomorrowland was released in theaters recently and a flood of fond memories washed over me. I grew up in Southern California and as a kid, we would go to Disneyland at least once a year. I looked forward to those visits and savor the magic of those visits even today. When I was a kid, Tomorrowland always fascinated me at Disneyland. Back then, there were a few attractions, such as the People Mover, Captain EO, Star Tours, Mission to Mars, Space Mountain and the Tron attraction are all memories that will forever be exciting childhood memories of innovative technology and looking forward into the bright future.

I was really excited to see Disney’s Tomorrowland movie in theaters, but I have a huge confession to make—George Clooney doesn’t make me swoon. There it is, ladies! Forgive me. I had to get it out of the way. I do like him as an actor though and I was pleased with the cast of characters. I had expectations of magic and the future in this movie. Like the Tomorrowland of my childhood, this movie had hopes of the future and childhood dreams, just as I had when I visited Disneyland in my youth.


The story is about a little boy, Frank Walker, with a mind full of ideas to make the future better, who visits the World’s Fair and discovers Tomorrowland. Frank meets a little girl, named Athena, who turns out to be more than meets the eye. Meeting Athena and going to Tomorrowland changes Frank’s life forever, but not in the way that we would expect it change him. Frank, grows up to be a bitter, sad adult, until another young girl comes into his life, many years later.


Tomorrowland is an utopian society, full of promise and fresh ideas. The story is also about a girl named, Casey Newton, who years later discovers Tomorrowland, just as Frank Walker has. The movie flashes forward to contemporary times, when Casey enlists the help of Frank to save the Earth from sure destruction. While Frank is not as full of hopes for the future as an adult, Casey still has the dreams that could save the world from its ending.


Tomorrowland is a sweet movie about believing in the future and following your dreams. Hugh Laurie is cast as David Nix, who must be stopped from destroying the Earth. Hugh Laurie makes a great antagonist in the movie and George Clooney is a great grumpy old man! Aside from its great cast of characters, the film is great for younger viewers too. I love the message of hope that this movie and that child-like optimism that is a common thread throughout the movie.

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 TOMORROWLAND is rated PG and is now playing in theatres everywhere!

Tomorrowland is in theaters starting May 22nd.

What are your favorite childhood Disney memories?




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